Germination Year Goals, Part 1: Financial Stability

One of our big goals for 2020 is to build financial stability for this organization. Learn more about ways you can help!

A few weeks ago we announced that in 2020 The Body Political is taking time off from producing our bi-annual show to focus on other areas of the organization. We’re calling this our ‘Germination Year’ and will focus on three things we feel are essential for the organization: Money, people, and vision.

Today, we want to tell you more about the work we plan to do next year when it comes to financial stability.

Currently, the organization’s primary source of funding are ticket sales and other revenue streams from the show, like sponsorships, raffle, and concession sales. This year, 77% of our funding came from show-related activities and 23% was from our Bod Squad members and donations.

While we’re excited that the show is funding itself, we also recognize that this isn’t sustainable. Here’s why:

  1. The show is stressful because we don’t have funding going into it. We have to put a lot of energy into tickets sales and show promotion, which means we can’t spend time developing community partnerships and making our tickets sliding scale. Our mission is to pay performers at least $100 per act and provide travel stipends. But, we are always worried that we can’t meet these goals with the show’s income alone.
  2. Inconsistent cash flow bottlenecks our overall programming goals. We have to wait until after the show to see if we have the funds for additional programs (e.g. workshops, stand-alone mentorship, etc). That means that we can’t plan our programs in advance or guarantee them to our community.
  3. No year-round diversification of our revenue. If we’re unable to produce a show, or if we don’t sell enough tickets, then we don’t have other opportunities for funding until the next show cycle. The result is that the shows feel very high stakes because the financial solvency of the organization depends on them.
  4. We’re working too hard for the revenue we earn. The Body Political is a volunteer run organization. We aren’t paid as producers of the show, which means we only have a limited amount of time to give. The time it takes to produce the show is disproportionate to the amount of revenue that’s funneled back into the organization for other programs. We realize that, at this rate, we’ll never have the time or money to expand our programs.
    One of the goals of our Germination Year is to rethink how the organization is funded. Most importantly, we’re working on creating year-round funding so that we can pay our performers equitable wages, make our show financially accessible, and expand our programming.

Here’s how you can help:


Since we aren’t producing a show next year, we are even more in need of donations. Please consider joining our monthly donor program, The Bod Squad, for only $10/mo to help us build year-round programs. Or you can make a one time donation. All donations are tax-deductible!


We’re looking for help with grant writing, social media, media organization and management, and CRM management. Do you have another skill that you think could benefit The Body Political? We’d love to hear from you! Shoot us an email and let’s chat.

Give us feedback!

Would you be open to being interviewed about TBP and why it’s important to you? Send us an email and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Keep an eye out for another email next week! We’re going to tell you all about the work we’re doing in 2020 to evolve the leadership of the organization.

With gratitude,
Laika and Andi

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