Germination Year Goals, Part 3: Our Vision

Read about our plans to assess and co-create our vision!

Over the past month we’ve shared how we plan to use our year off from producing The Body Political’s show to plant new seeds within the organization. So far we’ve told you about our financial and leadership goals. 

Today, we’re sharing the final piece: the overall vision for our programs. 

Our vision for The Body Political is to create spaces for resistance through storytelling about the body. The programs we’ve developed so far (the show, the workshop on creating acts, and the mentorship program) have indeed lived up to that, but they have been very resource-intensive. 

Up until now, our workshops require in-person attendance and the mentorship program is only offered to performers in the show. The show, our flagship program, is inaccessible to folks outside of certain geographic locations. Reevaluating our programs, we’ve realized that all of our programs are inaccessible to certain communities.

This has prompted us to consider how our programs can evolve to become more widely accessible.

The core challenges we have with our current program model are:

  1. We’re missing opportunities to engage with people in different ways: While the show does spark conversations, often these are happening between audience members or backstage. The nature of a show is that the audience witnesses and then processes what they saw on stage. The work is done in small pockets, instead of being shared widely and generating deeper, transformative conversations amongst and between communities.
  2. Programming is limited to geographic location: The show is limited to two geographic locations per year. Since we always produce one show in the Bay Area, that means that we only have one opportunity to connect with people elsewhere. Our reach is very small and excludes many members of our community who can’t travel to perform or attend the show. One idea our Board has suggested is creating more online content, so we can connect with a broader audience that is not limited by geography.
  3. We’re only fulfilling half of our vision: While radical entertainment is a big part of our vision for The Body Political, education and mentorship are also important elements of our work. We don’t just want to showcase stories of the body, we want to help others capture and craft their stories as well. Yet, being hyper-focused on the show means that our other programming goals receive less time, attention, and resources.
  4. Our current programs aren’t accessible to many communities: We recognize that participating in the show, either through performing or attending, requires a certain level of financial privilege. Even with sliding scale tickets, audience members still have to travel to the show and may incur other expenses. We also acknowledge that we can do better at making our show and programs more accessible for people with disabilities.

During our Germination Year, we’re going to reassess our overall vision and programs and work towards making them more accessible financially, geographically, and for people with disabilities.

Here’s how you can help:


Since we aren’t producing a show next year, we are even more in need of donations. Please consider joining our monthly donor program, The Bod Squad, for only $10/mo to help us build year-round programs. Or you can make a one time donation. All donations are tax-deductible!


We’re looking for help with grant writing, social media, media organization and management, and CRM management. Do you have another skill that you think could benefit The Body Political? We’d love to hear from you! Shoot us an email and let’s chat.

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