Since we started The Body Political in 2015, we have produced seven kick-ass shows in three cities. Our show has brought together performers from all over the country and world to share vulnerable and powerful art about their bodies that resonates deeply with our audiences. The Body Political provides a space where art can truly “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”.

We then created our workshop, Creating Impactful Burlesque About Your Body, as a way to encourage and support the development of more political burlesque about bodies. We’ve now taught it four times in three states. Through our workshops, performers have generated ideas for acts that give voice to the untold stories of their bodies.

Every step of the way, we’re finding ways to magnify our work. We want to create new curricula about social justice and performance art in collaboration with other instructors. We want to develop free online workshops for performers who are unable to travel to attend our in-person events. We want to create a podcast that documents and broadcasts conversations with artists about the intersections of their bodies and their art.  

Currently, we don’t have the financial resources to do these things on an ongoing basis. Our main source of income is our shows, which essentially break even. This is why we’re launching THE BOD SQUAD, our monthly donor program!

Monthly donations are crucial to expanding our educational programs, creating new programs (like podcasts and other online resources), and bringing The Body Political to new cities. Not only is donating monthly easy (you just sign up once!), as a Bod Squad member you’ll also receive:

  • Early access tickets to our shows with seating in the Bod Squad section (best seats in the house!)
  • If you’re a performer, your application fees will be waived
  • Exclusive quarterly newsletter
  • Surprise gift for joining our community

We currently have 9 Bod Squad members. Our goal is to reach 20 monthly donors by the end of 2020. Will you support radical performance art by becoming a member of The Bod Squad?

Join the Bod Squad by filling out this form!