Meet Our Casting Panel!

Our casting panel brings a wide range of experience and insight to curating acts for our show.
(and in case you’re wondering, bribes will be graciously declined ?)

Photo by Brittany Hosea-Small

Emjay Mercury

This small hellfire of a Xicanx originally hails from Fresno, CA but found their burlesque and drag callings in Oakland, CA. Emjay has performed across many stages in the San Francisco Bay Area and has recently been venturing further throughout the world, heading to the Panama Burlesque Festival in May. Emjay Mercury is a thick queer babe who loves to captivate her audience with humor and wild facial expressions. She aims to bring bigger representation to queer, xicana performers on the burlesque stage with her neo-burlesque inspired numbers. She is a core member of the drag troupe the Rebel Kings of Oakland, often hitting the stage as her drag persona, Jota Mercury.

Photo by La Photographie

Tas Al-Ghul

Tas Al-Ghul is an award-winning queer plus-sized Muslim second-generation South Asian-American Muslim cosplayer, model, and performance artist from the NYC Metro area. Now based in Los Angeles, she wields her art as a form of social activism designed to explore the varied (and sometimes conflicting) facets of her identity, with the intention to challenge expectations related to these facets, specifically: intersections of race, sexuality, and heritage.

Photo by Freak The Mighty

Andi Stardust

Andi Stardust is the co-founder and co-producer of The Body Political and has been shaking and shocking stages since 2010. Fusing elements from burlesque, drag, performance art, and political theatre, Andi deconstructs the ways we view the naked female body and the context in which it is viewed. Using humor, absurdity, and vulgarity, Andi addresses feminist and queer issues that are often excluded from burlesque. Her acts are subversive with political undertones.

Photo by La Photographie

Laika Fox

Laika Fox is a burlesque performance artist from Oakland, CA. She is one of the co-founders and co-producers of The Body Political. Drawing on her background in jazz dance, musical theater, and activism, she uses burlesque as a medium for creating acts that are clever, insightful, and often subversive. She received the title of ‘Most Classic’ at ABurlyQ 2017 dressed as a giant piece of meat (ask her about it). Laika is passionate about creating spaces for subversive burlesque and performance art, and supporting performers in creating art that both challenges and heals. She now resides in Denver, Colorado.