Team StarFox

Andi Stardust and Laika Fox (Team StarFox) bonded over their passion for political, subversive burlesque, and have been scheming and collaborating since 2012. They loved burlesque for it’s celebration of all bodies, but noticed a lack of pieces examining what it means to have a body in this world. Driven by a desire to see more storytelling and resistance in the burlesque world, the duo dreamed of a burlesque show all about the body.

Meanwhile, they continued to produce radical, provocative burlesque pieces about their own bodies. Other performers began approaching them asking for support and mentorship in creating their own personal and vulnerable pieces. The duo realized there was need for a safe space to create and perform these acts. And thus, The Body Political was born!

They also share a love of David Bowie, unicorns, space, and spreadsheets!