Hello Body Political supporters,

2019 has been a magical year for The Body Political ?

In June, we participated in the National Queer Arts Festival and sold out our San Francisco show in the largest venue we’ve had to date (200+ people!). In October, The Body Political debuted in Chicago and, with the help of our co-producer Belladonna Darling, we had another packed house.

This year we received a record number of applications (111 between both shows), increased our performer pay ($100-$150), and offered travel stipends to out of town performers. We also launched a mentorship program, which gave performers one-on-one support in developing their acts.

When we first started The Body Political, we had no idea that the show would evolve in the ways it has. It’s been amazing to watch the show go from a seed of an idea to a bi-annual community event with deepening roots.

And yet, we’ve realized that other areas of the organization need our attention. We have big dreams for The Body Political beyond the show itself, and we need to give these dreams the time and space they deserve.

With this in mind, we’ve chosen not to produce The Body Political show in 2020. We are calling 2020 our “Germination Year”: a time for us to plant new seeds within the organization and provide the nourishment they need to grow.

The areas that we’re focusing on are:

Money – a sustainable revenue model

We’re working on establishing year-round funding so that we can pay our performers equitable wages, make our show financially accessible with sliding scale tickets, and expand our programming.

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People – leadership and support to grow and to inform our work

We’re identifying perspectives that we’re missing in our leadership and inviting them to join. We are also preparing for a leadership transition (that informs how we make decisions), so that we can better reflect and serve our community.

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Vision – program evolution and accessibility

We’re reassessing our programs and working towards making them more accessible financially, geographically, and for people with disabilities.
Each and every one of these areas is an essential part of developing a sustainable ecosystem for The Body Political. Just like plants work together to produce a healthy environment for one and other, cultivating these areas will create a healthier, stronger organization.

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If you have questions about our Germination Year, or are interested in helping us with any of these areas, please reach out!

With gratitude,
Laika and Andi

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