The Body Political is a subversive artistic space created to explore personal stories about our bodies told through performance art. This show is a conversation.

A conversation about our assumptions of what the body is and isn’t capable of and why.

A conversation about the ways our bodies are controlled, denied, and marginalized through social and political institutions.

A conversation about how social control of the body is used to assert authority and maintain existing systems of power.

Yet beyond a dialogue, this show is a space of resistance. We honor and listen to the diverse voices of our community, hearing stories of acceptance and self-love. It is within these stories, and the courage of their storytellers, that we resist, we disrupt, and we reclaim. This is place for us. Our Bodies, Our Rules, Our Stories.

This is a place for us.

Our Bodies.

Our Rules.

Our Stories.


Our vision for The Body Political is to create spaces for stories and resistance across the country, building a bridge between activism and the performing arts.

We see The Body Political as more than a show, it is an opportunity to create visibility for stories that are often left untold about the body, promote activism through partnerships with local community organizations, and educate others about how to create powerful and meaningful performance art.